Raw Chocolate Pots w/ Pistachio Cream + Banana, Ginger Brittle

There’s been a love affair with raw desserts around the place lately and I’m thoroughly on board. With raw nuts and fruits in place of cream and sugar, you can create these rich, creamy and naturally sweet desserts minus the big dose of saturated fat and refined sugar and with a little goodness thrown in to boot. So when Urban Remedy – the brand behind a delicious looking range of raw juices, shakes, snacks and foods – contacted me about trying some of their nourishing products, it made my day!

Armed with a big box of tasty raw brittle, including banana, ginger, cacao, and lemon, I headed to the kitchen and came up with a couple of raw desserts to share with you all. The recipe for these Raw Chocolate Pots is up first.

Rich, smooth and chocolaty, I’ve been making different variations of raw vegan mousse lately after falling in love with recipes from both Green Kitchen Stories and My New Roots. And it’s so simple to make, providing you’ve got a good blender or food processor. The banana and avocado create a smooth and creamy dairy-free mousse – plus, in this recipe, the tahini adds an extra element that I love when combined with cacao and the pistachio cream.

Not only does the pistachio cream look beautiful but also tastes amazing, seriously amazing! That pistachio flavour really is so good when combined with chocolate and raspberries and topped off with the crunchy Urban Remedy brittle.

The range of brittle snacks are tasty and good for you too, made with 100% organic, live ingredients and absolutely no added sugar or artificial stuff. They make a nutritious snack on their own and are a great addition to raw desserts, like this one. If you can’t get your hands on some Urban Remedy brittle for this recipe, simply substitute with a little shredded coconut and/or dehydrated banana.

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Preparation time: 30 minutes (+ 1 hour refrigeration time) // serves 2-4


  • 1 banana
  • 1 avocado
  • ¼ cup tahini
  • 4 dates (pitted and chopped)
  • 2 tbs raw cacao powder
  • ¼ tsp ground cinnamon
  • pinch of salt flakes
  • + a little water


  • 1 cup raw pistachio nuts, shelled
  • ½ cup raw cashew nuts
  • ½-1 cup water
  • 1-2 tsp honey or maple syrup (to taste)
  • ½ orange, juice
  • pinch of salt flakes

to serve

  • ½ cup fresh raspberries
  • ¼ cup Urban Remedy Banana Brittle
  • ¼ cup Urban Remedy Ginger Brittle

Place the pistachio and cashew nuts in a bowl and add enough water to cover completely. Soak for around 15 minutes.

To make the mousse, peel and chop the banana, slice the avocado in half, remove the seed and scoop out the flesh.

Add all the mousse ingredients (except the water) to your blender or food processor. Blend on high for a minute or two adding a little water until you have a smooth, creamy mousse. You may need to scrap the sides down once or twice to get everything completely blended.

Transfer the mousse to individual glasses and set aside in the refrigerator for around 20-30minutes.

Prepare the pistachio cream by straining the nuts and adding them to a blender or food processor with the honey/maple syrup, orange juice and salt flakes.

Blend on high adding a little water at a time until you have a cream like consistency. It will be more like a runny paste than smooth cream at this stage, so don’t worry.

Transfer the pistachio cream to a fine mesh sieve and place it over a bowl. Using the back of a spoon, push the blended nuts through the sieve until you are left with nut pulp in the sieve above and a bowl full of smooth pistachio cream underneath. Tip: reserve the nut pulp to use in smoothies or to thicken a vegetable curry (so good!).

Remove your individual chocolate pots form the refrigerator and evenly top with the pistachio cream. Return them to the refrigerator for another 20-30 minutes before serving. You can keep them covered in the fridge for up to 24 hours or more.

Break the pieces of brittle into smaller chunks and combine them together in a bowl.

Just before serving remove your chocolate pots from the fridge, top with a few fresh raspberries and a good sprinkle of the brittle crumb. Alternatively top with shredded coconut and/or dehydrated banana.

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