Being Vegetarian & Vegan - Why?

The choice to not eat meat can be incredibly defining, empowering, and liberating! Being a vegetarian is all about making a positive choice for our body, mind and soul.

Acknowledging the lives of animals raised for food and making a conscious choice about what we put on our plate and in our bellies. Our diet, approach to food, lifestyle and well being can all improve from this one simple decision.

While it begins with what we don’t want to eat, being vegetarian often leads to new ways of thinking on food, farming, healthy eating, conscious living and our impact on the world around us.

Yet, for many who’ve been raised and live in a predominately meat-eating world, the decision to not eat meat can also be confronting and challenging.

When giving meat the flick the best approach is ‘do what works for you’ – choosing to not eat meat on our own terms, guided by our own motivation and the needs of our body.

Each of us will have a different idea of what  being vegetarian means and making the switch is far easier when we understand why we’ve made the choice and how far we want to embrace the veggie lifestyle.

Every vegetarian is different and when it comes down to it, there is no right or wrong. While many choose to be meat free from an ethical standpoint, yet more are coming to vegetarianism from a health and environmental motivation and then there are also philosophical and religious reasons behind the choice to be veggie.

Whether a strict vegetarian or flexi-vegetarian a plant-based diet is a positive choice for our health and well being. Creating a pathway to a healthier, more mindful and compassionate life – because no matter our motivation, it’s each of us making a conscious choice about the food on our plate and where it has come from.

Being a happy and healthy vegetarian goes beyond cutting the meat from our diet and is far more connected with discovering and enjoying the rich and abundant world of plant-based ingredients and a whole new positive approach to the way we can maintain our health, happiness and well being.

More than anything it’s the food on our plate that’s going to keep us happy and healthy on our vegetarian journey and vegetarian food really does taste amazing!

The choice to not eat meat is a choice often deeply connected with compassion and mindfulness as well as health and awareness. All positive things that can have a lasting and far reaching impact on our lives and the lives of others.

It’s up to each of us to consider the reasons behind the choice and lead a vegetarian lifestyle that speaks to our own ideals and one that keeps us happy and healthy for life.

If you’d like further support and guidance on making the switch to a meat-free diet check out the links below.

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