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Welcome to Veggie Num Num and my little world of delicious vegetarian food and compassionate plant-based living.

Here you’ll find easy-to-understand information on vegetarian nutrition, useful hints and tips on enjoying a healthy vegetarian diet and, most importantly, loads of vegetarian recipes for nutritious, exciting, and delicious plant-based food.

Veggie num num is a place for everyone, whether you choose to be completely vegetarian or not.

It’s where you’ll find delicious inspiration for great veggie meals and the tools to create your own vegetarian way of life…

Veggie Num Num is Veggie Food for Everyone!

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stocking a veggie pantry

Eating a big variety of nourishing foods is key to enjoying a healthy vegetarian diet.

Take a look at my practical list of everyday plant-based ingredients to stock a healthy vegetarian pantry and find out more about vegetarian foods. Learn more


curry on a plate

Whether a strict vegetarian or flexi-vegetarian, a plant-based diet is a positive choice for our health and wellbeing.

Creating a pathway to a healthier, more mindful and compassionate life.

No matter our motivation, it’s each of us making a conscious choice about the food on our plate and where it has come from. Learn more..