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Curried Carrot Juice  | Veggie num num

Below is a beautiful recipe adapted from Emily’s book for Curried Carrot Cream. A simple, nourishing and tasty juice that’s more like a soup. I added fresh turmeric and lots of lime juice to give it an extra kick of fresh flavour [...]


Orange, Pumpkin, Quinoa w/ Pomegranate & Candied Walnuts | Veggie num num

With the sweet flavours of orange, pumpkin and cinnamon it makes a lovely fragrant dish full of the tang of pomegranate. The candied walnuts take this hearty vegetarian dish to something extra special and the flavours are really perfect to serve alongside traditional Christmas fare.

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Stir-Fried Spring Veg w/ Chilli Ginger Chia Jam

by Trudy ~ Veggie num num on October 24, 2014

Stir Fried Spring Veg w/ Chilli Ginger Chia Jam + Soba | Veggie num num

This is basically a super simple stir-fry recipe that’s made a little more awesome by the addition of a homemade chilli, ginger chia jam. Packed with a rainbow of vegetables and lots of fresh ginger this simple stir-fry is a truly nourishing dinner. [...]


Roasted Tomato & Red Lentil Soup + An Exciting Announcement!

by Trudy ~ Veggie num num on October 12, 2014

Roasted Tomato & Red Lentil Soup w Spicy Pepitas + Avocado Cream | Veggie num num

This wholesome, tasty soup is something to celebrate as it boasts a combination of nourishing ingredients, is simple to make and our little girl loves it! She’ll happily eat a bowl for lunch and dinner days in a row, if I let her. [...]


Spelt Pasta w/ Greens, Lentils, Sage + Lemon

by Trudy ~ Veggie num num on May 22, 2014

Spelt Pasta w/ Greens, Lentils, Sage + Lemon | Veggie num num

I love the earthy greens and browns of this dish and the combination of good for you ingredients. Simple to prepare and full of good for you things like vitamin rich asparagus and those little veggie powerhouses lentils – a perfect dish for a healthy mid-week meal. [...]


Seeded Buckwheat Toasted Muesli

by Trudy ~ Veggie num num on May 13, 2014

Seeded Buckwheat Toasted Muesli w/ Vanilla Bean Coconut Yoghurt + Fresh Figs & Raspberries

A crunchy, slightly sweet and coco-nutty toasted muesli – perfect for breakfast, snacking or dessert. Full of powerful vegetarian foods like buckwheat, linseed, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, plus whole grain oats and rye – this toasted muesli recipe is one of my favourites variations. [...]


Sweet Potato Falafel Plate w/ Freekeh Tabouli, Pickle & Almond, Tahini Cream

This delicious vegan recipe is a combination of everything I love about food – wholesome, good-for-you fare that’s easy to prepare, fun to eat and full of fresh and tasty flavour… these sweet potato falafel make a healthy vegetarian meal full of goodness. [...]


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