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Orange, Pumpkin, Quinoa w/ Pomegranate & Candied Walnuts | Veggie num num

With the sweet flavours of orange, pumpkin and cinnamon it makes a lovely fragrant dish full of the tang of pomegranate. The candied walnuts take this hearty vegetarian dish to something extra special and the flavours are really perfect to serve alongside traditional Christmas fare.

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Raw Chocolate Pots w/ Pistachio Cream + Banana, Ginger Brittle

by Trudy ~ Veggie num num on October 2, 2014

Raw Chocolate Pots w/ Pistachio Cream + Banana, Ginger Brittle | Veggie num num

Rich, smooth and chocolaty, I’ve been making different variations of raw vegan mousse lately… The banana and avocado create a smooth and creamy dairy-free mousse – plus, in this recipe, the tahini adds an extra element that I love when combined with cacao and the pistachio cream. [...]


Sweet Potato, Red Bean + Kale Enchiladas w/ Smoky Sweet Pepper Sauce & Coriander Chimichurri | Veggie num num

It takes a little time to put together the different elements of this vegetarian enchilada recipe, but the added effort to make everything from scratch really pays off. The flavours are smoky and robust and match perfectly with the fresh and zingy chimichurri. [...]


Eggplant Ball Sub w/ Kale Salad + Tahini, Harissa Sauce

by Trudy ~ Veggie num num on June 23, 2014

Eggplant Ball Sub w/ Kale Salad + Tahini, Harissa Sauce | Veggie num num

Whether you turn this vegetarian recipe into a sub or simply serve the eggplant balls accompanied by the salad is up to you. I’m thinking they’d make a pretty great burger too, simply shape into patties and serve with the salad and sauce on toasted Turkish buns. [...]


Spicy Shiitake Sandwich w/ Tofu-Mayo + Rocket

by Trudy ~ Veggie num num on June 3, 2014

Spicy Shiitake Sandwich w/ Tofu-Mayo + Rocket | Veggie num num

The combination of mushrooms and rocket is something truly great and when you mix it up with a sticky, spicy sauce and creamy tofu-mayo – it’s pretty dang amazing! This is a simple and super quick vegan recipe, great for serving up at a picnic or barbeque. [...]


Roasted Parsnip, Cannellini Bean Tartlets w/ Caramelised Fennel & Shaved Apple

This vegetarian tartlet recipe is both egg and dairy free and a combination of some of my favourite produce in season at the moment – sweet parsnips, fragrant fennel and, of course, apples. They make a lovely little appetizer to serve to guests or use large rounds of pastry and make individual meal sized tarts instead. [...]


Sweet Potato Falafel Plate w/ Freekeh Tabouli, Pickle & Almond, Tahini Cream

This delicious vegan recipe is a combination of everything I love about food – wholesome, good-for-you fare that’s easy to prepare, fun to eat and full of fresh and tasty flavour… these sweet potato falafel make a healthy vegetarian meal full of goodness. [...]


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