Why choose to be a Vegetarian?

The decision to be a vegetarian is a positive choice for many reason and it doesn’t have to be a difficult one. Vegetarian food is delicious, exciting, healthy, easy to prepare and can be enjoyed by all people.

One of the most important concepts to grasp is that being a vegetarian doesn’t simply mean taking the meat out of your diet. It’s more about discovering a huge variety of delicious healthy ingredients and a whole new positive approach to the way we can maintain our health, happiness and well being.

There are, of course, many reason people choose to be vegetarian or even choose to adopt a flexi-vegetarian diet. If you are thinking about making the change remember the very best reason to be veggie is, quite simply, your own reason. This means you’ll be making the switch out of a true desire to have some form of positive impact on your own life and the lives of others.

Whether it is for ethical, health, religious or philosophical reasons, vegetarianism is a way of life that has social, personal and environmental benefits for us all. Each of us will have different ideas about what vegetarianism means and how you live your vegetarian lifestyle is a personal decision that should therefore reflect your own priorities and beliefs.

The best news is vegetarian cooking is fun and exciting and no more difficult than typical cooking. Most popular meat dishes can be adapted into authentic tasting vegetarian meals that often taste better and are better for you; coming up with new ideas and recipes is half the fun. It’s important not be intimidated by new ingredients, foods and recipes, stay positive, give it a go and you’ll soon discover the joys of cooking, eating and living veggie!!

If you aren’t already vegetarian and would like to learn a little more, have a read of the information below and be sure to check out Veggie num num’s other pages for information on vegetarian nutrition, great veggie ideas and advice and of course delicious vegetarian recipes.

What is a Vegetarian?

A vegetarian is someone who does not eat meat of any kind; whether beef, poultry, pork, lamb, fish or shellfish or commonly any meat by-products.

There are three main types of vegetarians:

  • Lacto-ovo-vegetarian: Lacto for dairy and ovo for egg this is the most commonly adopted vegetarian diet and includes both dairy and free range eggs
  • Lacto-vegetarian: A vegetarian diet that includes dairy but not eggs
  • Vegan: A vegan diet omits all animal products and does not include either dairy, eggs or things such as honey.

There is also something referred to as a flexi-vegetarian which can be seen as a diet that includes some meat on occasion or only includes certain types of meat; like fish or poultry. While this is not a true vegetarian diet it has many benefits and is often a great introduction to vegetarianism.

Making the choice to be a Vegetarian

To what degree you adopt vegetarianism, is entirely an individual choice and can be taken one step at a time. If you don’t feel comfortable with making the switch overnight, begin with a few dishes a week and allow yourself some leeway while adapting to a vegetarian diet.

It will take time to discover all the wonderful foods and ingredients on offer and to learn what foods best suit your lifestyle and taste. The key is to stay inspired, try new foods and listen to your body. Join a vegetarian society to find out more about the vegetarian lifestyle and diet, follow veggie blogs for lots of inspiration and support and above all enjoy cooking and eating veggie food, it’s truly a great way to be : )

If you would like some basic information on nutrition, different vegetarian ingredients and where to find them or a little veggie inspiration follow the links below >>>

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Why become a Vegetarian?

Only you can truly answer this question; as mentioned before there are many reasons people adopt vegetarianism and it is often a very personal decision.

It can be an acknowledgment of the moral and ethical issues associated with consuming meat and the trawling, hunting and industrial farming practices that inflict harm and suffering on animals slaughtered for food. Most people care for animals and animal welfare and for most vegetarians this includes not contributing to the unnecessary suffering that is a result of the meat industry.

There are also many health benefits to a vegetarian diet and people are adopting the lifestyle as a way to sustain a delicious diet low in saturated fat, high in fibre and full of a variety of foods and flavours.

Some are also considering a vegetarian or flexi-vegetarian diet to lower their environmental impact. Commercial farming and professional fishing have many negative environmental consequences that are of real concern.

And of course a great reason to be veggie is that a vegetarian diet is simply delicious!! Vegetarian food is fun, exciting and healthy. Adopting a vegetarian diet is a great way to introduce a huge variety of flavour and texture into your kitchen and to your taste-buds : )

vegetarian food

Vegetarian Food ~ Lentil, Date & Tomato Salad w/ Chilli Oil Tahini Dressing

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